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FOX News
Nov 17, 2012 3:00am PST
continue to bring rain across coastal areas of florida and tomorrow in towards the carolinas. this had been a concern for a nor'easter that somehow people started talking about for coming wednesday thinking thanksgiving nor'easter. it's not going to happen. i don't know where that started to get out here. we don't have to worry about that no concerns from that really all of our action is out across the west. take a look at this. heavy rain falling across parts of pennsylvania. snow. places around tahoe. ski reports are going to be getting up to 2 feet of snow. that's great news for. they rain moves farther toward the north and specific northwest is going to deal with a very very rainy week and snow. they need it so they will take that as well. here are the high temperatures today. looking good for this time of year, 50s and 60's across the central plains. not bad at glul last year because you were shooting down that nor'easter thing for thanksgiving which is good for the parade. everyone wants to see the macy's thanksgiving day parade. nobody wants to see balloons fly away. lapse year
FOX News
Nov 3, 2012 3:00am PDT
voting is showers down across parts of georgia and north florida. maybe light shower in wisconsin and out across the west. everything is looking absolutely perfect. maybe a little bit of showers across parts of northern washington. all right. guys. send it back to you inside. >> gretchen: thank you. >> brian: thank you very much. now let's go to your evidence lines. as people try to overcome the devastation left by sandy, areas in new york are overrun by looters. dozen have been arrested for breaking into grocery stores, retail stores and gas stations. in queens some victims say robbers close posed as the electrical workers to get inside some people's homes which has happened in my neighborhood. nypd putting more officers in targeted neighborhoods and some of them have created checkpoints. >> steve: no kidding? meanwhile, a massachusetts town banning the word illegal when describing immigrants. the mayor of summerville outlawed the word after a group of teenagers argued that saying illegal that was hurtful. instead the group wants people to use the term undocumented. the mayor says he wan
FOX News
Nov 10, 2012 3:00am PST
at the road. st. petersburg, florida. residents are going to be seeing armored trucks rooming streets letting them know that the police are watching them. police rolling out the trucks that have four cameras on them in an effort to battle drugs and prostitution. images shot canningen pulled up on officers many ipad. $30,000 was spent on refurb gishing it. those are your headlines at this hour. let's check in with i think rick because even though sandy, super storm has gone. the disaster is obviously not over for some people along the east coast. there are long lines, gas shortages and new york and new jersey have begun to ration gas. rick, tell us what you are seeing. >> yeah. you know, even this morning driving out here in the dark around 4:30 in the morning there were gas lines that i was seeing. not mile long gas lines but people about 15 cars deep in gas lines. the food part is i also saw a number of gas tankers going in to fill up the gas. that's good. they are continuing to ration it though. they are on an odd, even cycle in new york as well. but now it's the clean up. we are lo
FOX News
Nov 24, 2012 3:00am PST
this amateur video out of a cops arresting a woman at a florida wal-mart. police say the woman tried to bypass long checkout lines. cops say when she was confronted she refused to get back in line and started throwing her merchandise. >> this cell phone video shows the chaos at a wal-mart in georgia. complete bedlam as people shoved and pushed trying to get some on sale items. listen. oh,. >> imagine going in there and just buying socks? what's going on today. some women. you should have seen them in victoria's secret just going in to buy bras. listen. >> this is tulsa. i used to live in tulsa. >> oh my god. >> there was a human stampede victoria's secret in tulsa. captures hundreds of people rushing in as soon as the gates were open. luckily reports say that no one was injured. hard to believe. >> what was the deal there. >> deep discounts on bras. didn't you know? we did see 50 percent off sign yesterday at the store. >> with all that craziness, venturing to the stores on black friday can be survival of the fittest. the challenge can be especially tough if you are a small business
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)